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18-Sep-2019 17:46

If a member is found to be in violation of these rules, either on a persistent basis, or intentionally, the members privileges may be terminated, in which event the member forfeits the remainder of any dues which have been paid for the period of the suspension.

Any efforts to re-subscribe under a different name or with a different e-mail address will constitute a further violation of the rules and will result in additional penalties being applied to the member.

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You can also add your favorite chat room in your contacts list or add contacts with just one click.At VIP Conduit we think that our members expect that when they enter one of our chat rooms they can be confident that the people they see in the room are the only ones that are aware of the activities in the room they have entered.Therefore no VIP Conduit member may cross connect our chat rooms with another VOIP service such as Skype, MSN or chat rooms on other sites nor may they make it possible for people in other locations who are not in the chat room to monitor that chat room.Additionally, no VIP Conduit member may enter one of our chat rooms when he or she is already in another chat room.

The above rules may be waived if the member has received prior permission from the VIP Conduit board.We hope your visit here is fun and meaningful and that you will return many times.

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