Windows media center epg not updating

05-Jun-2020 01:50

I'd rather not have a cost associated so I'll probably skip Schedules Direct. I will definitely check out the mc2xml instructions on the link you provided johnsonx42. I changed over some weeks ago to using EPG Collecter for DVB-T EPG. Thanks in advance2012-07-07 .134 [DEBUG][8] Will process xmltv file: C:\Users\Public\NPVR12-07-07 .149 [DEBUG][8] Loading XMLTV from: C:\Users\Public\NPVR\when you mapped your channels, you pointed NPVR to "C:\Users\Public\NPVR\xmltv.xml", but your updated data is in "C:\Users\Public\NPVR\mc2xml\xmltv.xml" so it just keeps reading the same old data from a week ago.

52168-Avoid-duplicate-recordings-(NZ)Overnight is a pretty bad EPG two hour sample too. There are some pretty good instructions for Next PVR on the mc2xml site as well: (and don't worry, it's actually very straightforward to set it up...

think of him as another sub ah, thanks for the info that EPGCollector does more than just MHEG-5.

Still, grabbing the same 2 hours of data by some other method isn't really going help in this situation.

For use in the USA for more than just watching TV, I don't see any options but Schedules Direct or MC2XML.

I'm sorry for semi-hijacking this thread but felt I needed to say something to clarify a couple of point...The big advantage for UK users is that it extracts the "Programme ID" and "Series ID" from the data stream as used by Freeview PVRs to record "Series". your would look like this: C: cd "C:\Users\Public\NPVR\mc2xml" mc2xml copy .. I created a folder called "EPG" to avoid confusion.