Who is rico blanco dating

20-Oct-2019 00:43

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Rico has stated in interviews that before recording the songs, he brought along stick and bones versions of the songs for the whole band to pick on or pitch in their ideas.

The guitars in this song prances all over from high to low, and crashes all over the place when the chorus comes.

Dating Gawi is Rico's back to the basics attempt at creating an album with a band.

After all, he’s been part of the band ever since 1993, and had left in 2007, after 14 years of being the band’s frontman, occasional guitarist, and vocalist.

He is responsible for hits like “214” and “Awit Ng Kabataan” and his voice eventually became synonymous to the band.

He’s already in his 30s and although he looks good, he’s really not leading man material.

In February 2001, Nathan Azarcon departed from the group to focus on other musical interests, leaving Rico Blanco and Mark Escueta as remaining members.Rivermaya is currently composed of original members Mark Escueta and Nathan Azarcon, together with Mike Elgar and Ryan Peralta.

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