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29-Sep-2019 20:10

Feral gangs now pose more of a threat to life and limb than terrorists.Social media is fuelling a bloody crime wave, claiming the lives of dozens of young people, including a 17-year-old girl gunned down on the streets of Tottenham. Flood the streets with hundreds of armed officers, patting down any young scrote who might be concealing a blade?The only person taken into custody, after Vincent’s accomplice fled, was Mr Osborn-Brooks himself. What was that I was saying on Tuesday in this column about British police and prosecutors now routinely adopting the U. And why was he detained for two nights, when he is the primary carer for his frightened, vulnerable and confused 76-year-old wife?He was led away in handcuffs, fingerprinted and had to give a DNA sample. Mr and Mrs Osborn-Brooks are the real victims here.Steam in, mob-handed, to the safe houses of violent foreign criminals, many of them here illegally, suspected of being up to their tattooed necks in violent crime, drugs and people-smuggling? Richard Osborn-Brooks was in bed with his wife, who suffers from dementia, when intruders burst in shortly before midnight.

They don’t prevent crime, they respond to it after the event.

If there had been a police presence in Hither Green that night, these two burglars might have thought twice before breaking into the Osborn-Brooks’ semi.

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