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She opted for an easily concealable area-her lower back-and headed off with her sister Angela for a popular tattoo parlor near the campus of Georgetown, known for their work and celebrity clientele.To this day, she says she can still recall the sensation as the artist drew her name into her skin. "Anyone considering getting a tattoo should take your time deciding what you want. I always carry a couple in my bag.'It's hard to imagine Beyonce producing a well-thumbed copy of, say, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland from her Hermes Birkin bag, but her love of literature is not the only thing that marks out Amerie - who also has a degree in English and fine arts from Georgetown University in Washington - from her peers.And, with the release of her third album, Because I Love It, she has moved beyond the influence of early mentors - such as 'Crazy in Love' creator Rich Harrison, who crafted her earlier hits, including 'Why Don't We Fall in Love' and '1 Thing' - to write and produce much of her own material.Amerie Mi Marie Rogers, known professionally as Amerie, is a two time Grammy nominated American singer, songwriter, producer and actress.Born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, she debuted in 2002 with the album All I Have, primarily co written and produced by producer Rich Harrison.The rising star is on her way to the top-and with her attitude, it won't be long before she gets there.Want to find out what some of AMERIE's tattoo designs & symbols mean?

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'I remember telling all my friends about Narnia when I was seven years old,' she recalls avidly. She chats unselfconsciously, punctuating her conversation with an uninhibited laugh rather than the standard-issue diva's icy formality.

I think it all went in subliminally.' And, she adds, it's taken a while for all these influences to percolate into her own music.