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We also told how there is one celebrity in particular which horny punters most want their custom sexbots to be styled after.(opiumud-020) star atlas Collector's Edition1080P if you like my video please support me in my those you support my money and I will use it for making new projects . Vo IP is voice over IP, also referred to as Internet Telephony. This forum is here for the discussion of Vo IP and related emerging technologies. Is there anything better than unlimited and free face-to-face chatting?

They're also available from the official Synthea Amatus website at

“They will be packages, and each will belong to the person giving the voice.

“If they want to stop it they will always have control to do so.

Developer Dr Sergi Santos, who wants his £2,500 sex robots to be more than just silicone, has launched a website where customers can download custom voice packages for their AI lovers.

Different voices, including romantic, sexual and even family-themed packages, can be put on a memory card and then plugged into the bot, letting owners change their personalities as and when they please.Voice actors will be paid a chunk of the revenue from flogging their package to customers, meaning the more people like the sound of you, the more money you'll make.