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26-Jan-2020 13:29

So I usually donate my space at if people can't find anywhere else. It would be a shame to rape a hot ticket like that and not have the decency to tie her up first.

---------------- A Canadian wrote: There are a couple of other films I want to see in November. ---------------- DHT wrote: This is too long for me to watch (48 min) so I can't describe what it's about, but there is a chair tie, tape gag, and some nice groping in the 2nd half of a nice blonde.

This new posted today Perilousthoughts story picture: Of has a gimp called Amy on a Sybian horse peril which as Gimpers know Amy Hesketh on a Spanish horse peril in Maleficarum released last Halloween and both Amys look alike Too. Well maybe look a little alike which bring me to my Amy question, is there a Spanish horse torture in "Dead but Dreaming" or other movies? I could be persuaded to do another scene like that, but I would have to build a slightly different-looking horse.

Maybe a nice oak stain instead of mahogany the next time? You wrote: Now, I just have to finish writing the review.

The thing that made that fiction so exciting was captured effectively in 'Torture Tomb'.

And then to launch the film onto the world stage; where thousands, tens of thousands; witness, lust after your naked body; engage with your pain, abuse and degradation; desire to be your torturers. Dan Hawke - I remember "fun TIme for Jody" very well and it was a long time ago. BTW, I couldn't agree more with you on these stories being better from victim's POV rather than the torturer's. Bill K wrote: How about it Gimpers, what Maleficarum dungeon Amy and Mila torture would you like to see repeated or some other inquisition torture method or device that was not done in Maleficarum.