Validating your username with planet auran

18-Jul-2020 18:40

-A kind filter has been added to the kuid browser for CCP -CCP "edit" feature when creating a texture now allows the external application to save. -Trainzmap fully supported and V1.0 installer is included in "Extras" folder -GSE issues have been corrected -Session Rules Guide added to Extras folder -Restored uncouple message that some rolling stock relied upon for coupler animations.

-Loading a map with a missing skybox no longer produces display errors. -Consist bar has been fixed so that you can use it to re-arrange vehicles in a consist for saving.

-Buffer stops and other 'rail-end' assets will once again stop slow moving vehicles.

-Rippling water effect is once again functioning under Open GL on ATI cards. -Some graphical artifacts in built-in content fixed. -Better support for txt in CCP -trainzutil can now export from a config file without opening it for edit -Some small improvements made to sound and particle systems RELEASE NOTES We recommend reading and following the Installation Guide at the end of these notes.

Once launch is complete, you will find your Trainz version and build number located at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Note down the build number and select the Quit button to return you to the desktop.

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A complete list of issues addressed in SP1 is available on the TRS2006 Website at Service Packs DO NOT APPLY THIS SERVICE PACK TO TRAINZ, UTC or TRS2004.-The validation template for error reporting has been updated to support more tags. -Added CMP view description/thumbnail on DLS content.

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