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This therapy will allow the kidneys to process the debris with greater ease and efficiency. You actually have to do a little tweaking of the diet as well.

Furthermore, proteolytic therapy has shown to reduce inflammation and thin the blood, therefore relieving stress on the kidneys. Hopefully permanently, but at least during the cleanse for best results.

*If Protease is unavailable use Wobenzyme as a replacement. Dandelion and Corn Silk Tea– Make 2 cups of the tea in the morning (using 1 dandelion tea bag and 1 corn silk tea bag) and take it in 2 doses throughout the day away from food. *Note: if you are dealing with kidney stones and are under 160 lbs please take 12 kidney complex daily. Protease (Enzyme therapy utilized to cleanse the blood, reduce kidney stress) (100-160 lbs) 6 daily. The best diet for kidney health is the following: Print the Kidney-friendly shopping list here.

Drink at least 30 minutes before a meal and at least 60 minutes after a meal. A note about salt: Processed table salt is very damaging to the kidneys so it is vital to avoid all table salt or salt in processed foods.

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It covers everything you could ever want to know about a therapeutic approach to the kidney and revitalizing your health through the kidney cleanse.Now I'll learn through your mother's wonderful book how to nourish my body and maintain optimum health." Forever Grateful Cesa Read more Testimonials Available at: women believe that most of the problems of pregnancy can be prevented by attention to nutrition.

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