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04-Aug-2020 10:49

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So, I tried updating the BIOS to the latest version, and that failed to work too.

I even opened up the HP Wireless Assistant, and even that didn’t see the Adaptor.

Windows could not find any networks, and the Wireless Adaptor was not showing up in the Device Manager.

So, I tried reinstalling the Device Driver, but that didn’t fix it.

But, since Christmas is coming up soon, it might take longer. well, that was it, the warranty service was arranged, and all I need to do is put it in the box, and hand it over to Fed Ex. I was quite surprised when I received an email regarding the exact same issue today, actually.

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I had determined that the Wireless Adaptor was not working because of hardware problems.

So, he had me plug an Ethernet cable into the notebook, to check if that worked (which I had done when the problem started, but forgot to mention it to the guy).Continue reading 16537, 2.0.16537.0, 2013, 2013 Xbox LIVE Dashboard Update, 360, c4eva, c4eva Speaks, cfw, Commodore4Eva, dashboard, Dashboard Update, firmware, flash, i Xtreme, LT, LT 2.01, LT 2.0, LT 3.0, LTU, LTU 1.0, LTU 2.0, Public, SU, System Update, x360key, XBL, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, Xbox LIVE Update, Xbox360, xk3y Yesterday, Microsoft began rolling out the first new System Update to registered users in its 2013 Xbox LIVE Public Beta program.This first update brings the Xbox 360 dashboard/kernel version to 2.0.16517.0. Continue reading 16517, 16525, 16529, 16531, 16535, 16536, 16537, 2.0.16517.0, 2.0.16525.0, 2.0.16529.0, 2.0.16531.0, 2.0.16535.0, 2.0.16536.0, 2.0.16537.0, 2013, 2013 Xbox LIVE Dashboard Update, 360, Beta, c4eva, c4eva Speaks, cfw, Commodore4Eva, firmware, flash, i Xtreme, LT, LT 2.01, LT 2.0, LT 3.0, LTU, LTU 1.0, Pinning, Preview, Public Beta, SU, System Update, x360key, XBL, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, Xbox LIVE Update Public Beta, Xbox360, xk3y The wraps have finally come off what Team Xecuter recently teased as "The Lord of the Hacks – One Xbox 360 Drive to Rule Them All".The surprise is a new Unlocked DVD Replacement PCB universal for all Xbox 360 …

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