Updating private repo linux 1 christian dating

01-May-2020 08:51

To continue after this warning, you must click Continue (Figure 5).

Depending upon how many updates are available, the process can take a while.

I’m going to be working with the latest release of open SUSE (13.2) and the KDE desktop.

If you’ve opted for the GNOME desktop environment, this will not change Ya ST (only how you get to Ya ST2).

Let’s dive into the world of package management with open SUSE, from the GUI perspective.

After giving this a read, you should be able to easily install software, update your machine, and even add repositories (so you can install third-party applications).

Because of this, you have to tell Ya ST2 where that software can be found: a software repository.

Click that icon and search hundreds of thousands of apps to install.