Updating ipod touch software

17-Oct-2019 22:23

Previously, i Pod Touch users had to physically connect their device to a computer and use i Tunes to download and install an i OS update; now you can simply update your device over a standard Wi-Fi connection. Select "General" and tap "Software update." Your i Pod Touch will now check whether an i OS update is available for download or not.If it is, a new screen containing details about the update will appear.

Apple doesn't release updates to the operating system that powers the i Pod as often as it does for the i Phone.

Apple has release i Phone and i Pod Touch firmware OS software version 3.0.

The firmware 3.0 is a major update that adds tons of new features to the portable device.

As per announcement of Apple at Rock and Roll event i Tunes 9, i Phone OS 3.1 for i Phone and i Pod touch and new line of i Pod Touch are available.

You can download latest version of i Tunes 9 for free and i Phone users can update to firmware 3.1 for free unfortunately i Pod Touch users need to pay .95 to upgrade to firmware 3.1. Download i Pod Touch 3.1 Firmware using below links i Pod Touch 1G 3.1 Firmware i Pod Touch 2G 3.1 Firmware i Pod Touch 3G 3.1 Firmware P. Start i Tunes 9 and select i Pod Touch from device list 5..ezoic-wrapper img.wp-smiley, .ezoic-wrapper img.emoji .ezoic-wrapper #F8660_container img .ezoic-wrapper .

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