Tweetdeck search not updating

22-Oct-2019 20:50

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This article examines some reasons why those who are not using Tweetdeck should use it — including a tour using quick-fire diagrams.

Tweetdeck also offers a powerful suite of tools for processing individual accounts, allowing you to easily interact with them or explore their Activity, Mentions, Lists, Timeline and Favorites.

Happily, news of the API changes coincided with significant improvements to new Tweetdeck.

Many outstanding issues have been addressed in two major updates, making it a product we want to use. This tweet from Reuters’ Anthony De Rosa spoke to the lingering frustration of many power users.

If you don't want a desktop app, Tweeten is available as an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as well.

Our browser extension gives you the exact same experience with real-time cusotmization abilities, custom CSS, GIF Search, and more! All the built-in features enables you to do a lot more than just "more", and the nifty keyboard shortcuts from Tweet Deck lets you get to things instantly.You can download literally any GIF that you see on tweets with a single click of a button.

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