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04-May-2020 14:50

Widower for past 4 years and am investigating the possibility of retiring to Chile in 2017. and have determined that Northern Chile, Iquique, is ideal. Me describo, sin temor a pecar de petulante, como un hombre interesante por mis logros, vivencias e intereses.

I have done much research on alternatives to the U. Respetuoso y agradecido de la vida, creyente en Dios y en la belleza de las cosas simples pero enriquecedoras..

Officially, the Resistencia base forms part of a joint US-Argentine initiative which will provide joint emergency services and eventually deploy troops for "humaninatarian relief".

Local authorities have emphatically stressed that the installation is a civil base only, and will be subject to the oversight of provincial authorities.

At its root, the Mapuche conflict centres around corporate greed and connivance of the Chilean state which is bent on exploiting the country's resources.

Unfortunately for the Indians, such natural resources including mining, forests and salmon farming are to be found on Mapuche land.

Moreover, Wiki Leaks documents reveal a disturbing pattern of collaboration between US and Santiago security forces at a time of acute social and political tensions in Chile.

Local civil society, which has uncomfortable memories of US-backed military dictatorship, is understandably quite perplexed about recent developments and wants to know what, precisely, Washington is up to in the Southern Cone.

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Indeed, if the progressive community was paying attention, it might be somewhat surprised to find that Obama has been even more militaristic in some ways than predecessor George Bush, the long-time bane of the US left.

In particular, Obama has been quietly constructing American bases in the remote Southern Cone.

It's an intriguing news story which has received scant attention in the US media, much less the so-called progressive media.

With Mexico’s people being such passionate and for the most part of traditional religious fervor, celebration such as weddings in Mexico may differ to marriages in other cultures, and we thought it would be fun to share some of the most interesting to-dos’ that relate to a traditional Mexican wedding party and that traditionally as well, usually involves: close family and friends –not meaning few but many-, some sort of ethnic food, music and religious customs, in a row of festivities of great symbolism.

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In Mexico we celebrate with honor when people commit to Love.

If the Resistencia story was not outlandish enough, now comes word that the Obama administration has pushed for yet another base, this one located just across the border in Chile.

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