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At the time of the KT extinction disaster, when the asteroid collided into the Yucatan are and the Gulf of Mexico was carved out, it was in the Upper Cretaceous era. This concurs with the Biblical picture of the flow patterns of the Rivers of Eden.Then the Flood hit the face of the earth and all the earth was inundated.Evolutionistic tectonic plate geologists have for several years suggested that there was an era into which a proto-Pangean supercontinent called Gondwanan was the original supercontinent, while North America (Laurentia), Europe and Asia (Laurasia), and Russia (Siberia) were still roaming the globe in the Paleozoic period.The is a modern science, which states that the earths past magnetic poles can be detected in the igneous rocks such as lava that is emitted from volcanoes and in the sedimentary deposits under the ocean.information indicates that the structure was formed in uppermost Cretaceous rocks, consistent with a KT age.

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Some scientists have suggested that there is a , with a major die off every 26 million years or so.Chadwicks thesis that the breakup of the continental plate, the borders of the land masses and the timing for uplifts, mountain formation and other strata elevating events can be determined by a scientific examination of the rocks themselves.