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09-Jan-2020 08:55

Battery cells naturally age, which results in a gradual reduction in capacity over time.

Core SWX’s proprietary battery management firmware assures the cells employed are always balanced and at an optimal state to withstand continuous operation for extended periods of time while maintaining service life. Read More » LOS ANGELES— A Common Thread has signed Australian director Cassie De Colling for exclusive representation in the United States.

“Info Comm is an important show to FOR-A,” said Ken Truong, President, FOR-A America.

“It’s always a great chance for us to connect with dealers, customers, and prospective customers that we may ...

The season finale of CBS’s political drama ‘Madam Secretary’ aired last week, closing with Secretary of State Elizabeth Mc Cord (Téa Leoni) revealing her plans to run for president to her husband Henry (Tim Daly).

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Yes, his company got caught letting a company “buy” too much information that people posted on “their” personal pages.

Read More » PLAINVIEW, NY, MAY 30, 2018 ─ Core SWX, a leader in battery and charging solutions, announces the cycle ratings of its Nano98, Hypercore Slim 98 (HCS-98) and Hypercore 9 (HC9) Mini battery packs have all doubled, allowing for 2,000 cycles.


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