Steam volidating rejected

29-Nov-2020 16:46

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It occurred to me that the reason why my Steam validation was getting rejected was because the game "thought" I was already in the server.

So instead I used the "retry" console command and I rejoined the server without issue.

Dear Admins i realy use this website and its realy helpfull and great website for me and when i decide to host a CSS Server i found a link "

when i try to play a game, ranked, lobby or just pub it says this???

steam volidating rejected-32


Tried restarting dota/steam and verifying integrity of game cache.. I have been playing since first day of beta, never had a problem, and since today I can't play...

I am not sharing my steam account and I have double step authentication so it couldn't be stolen either. I have resigned myself to completely uninstall dota and steam and reinstall everything. So it was definitely a problem with some update that corrupt or didnt update a file correctly.