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,137,27,73, understand they are all under high alert because of this guy Dorner but does that justify the 3 innocent people they've put in the hospital on account of mistaken identity? I had a great time, but I have a busy day of campaigning tomorrow. ", Verified, False,self,t5_2rd9x,1347433039.0,best,, True,t3_zqlum, 1319415600.0,112,imgur.com,lmjjo, You are now entering LA county...,132,20,47, False,default,t5_2rd9x, False,,, False,t3_lmjjo, CUfg, 1373730234.0,110,imgur.com,1i7z9u, No White-Guilt for Asians!It seems like that completely goes along the lines of what the guy complained about in his manifesto that police are above due process and the law and that they'd rather act first and justify second with implied authority. It seems like a large spread of police officers are bending their authority from LA to Riverside to SD and the border. ,172,62,27, False, Izeh5w YRw5Uc Z6g.jpg,t5_2rd9x, False,,, False,t3_1i7z9u, QJo, 1370450616.0,113,i.imgur.com,1fqarj, Anyone else get an amber alert on their i Phone?This 2011 Subaru Outback with Idaho license plate #1A1F680 was stolen from her home that same night.Please call the police if you see this car.",150,18,11, False, WDc E4Alv.jpg,t5_2rd9x, False,,, False,t3_113pxi, YHC.jpg, 1358058515.0,129,i.imgur.com,16hbhs, Cool car spotted on the 405 ,142,13,10, False, Ak NMT24wj Kf ONe.jpg,t5_2rd9x, False,,, False,t3_16hbhs, Kx1.jpg, 1352516745.0,127,i.imgur.com,12y4ki, Saw this the other day and thought it was kind of amusing.,141,14,15, False, Ej J8_w K8u-f DTr.jpg,t5_2rd9x, False,,, False,t3_12y4ki, 1343457200.0,128,ocregister.com,xafdd,"TIL That if OC was a nation, we'd rank in the top 10 of the last two summer Olympics.There's only one thing to do.,208,46,24, False, WE1Kot6ho Hw.jpg,t5_2rd9x, False,,, False,t3_1fxabu, Srs D5j.jpg, 1344218195.0,157,i.imgur.com,xqpzr, Freakin' amateur hour at the OC Fair...,177,20,14, False, F67Jhc0Qv AFc.jpg,t5_2rd9x, False,,, False,t3_xqpzr, 1347744905.0,150,i.imgur.com,zxyje, This. (phone pic,sorry for the quality)",161,27,61, False, Goc O8so6ri3l.jpg,t5_2rd9x, False,,, False,t3_149qaa, X3b, 1332806048.0,130,upload.wikimedia.org,rf0l7, Fuck everything about this.,158,28,39, False, B7_t4L7YDXm JD.jpg,t5_2rd9x, False,,, False,t3_rf0l7, 1359833190.0,130,self.orangecounty,17rl1j, Anyone witness a hit and run last night at the off-ramp of 55 South and Lincoln?,152,22,18, night we were rear-ended by a tow truck while stopped at the Lincoln off-ramp on the 55 South FWY. Immediately after the collision, the tow truck fled the scene.1350017911.0,127,quickmeme.com,11coyn,r/orangecounty right now,155,28,14, False, A7f0Ez Qoygk7M.jpg,t5_2rd9x, False,,, False,t3_11coyn, 1349643062.0,132,i.imgur.com,113pxi,"Orange County, My friends' mom was found murdered in Hercules, CA friday Oct 5th.

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