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(On e Bay, her feedback rating had ballooned to more than 4,000.) She also introduced spell casting into her repertoire for sale, which “proved really popular”.But then much like e Bay, Etsy decided that – on the basis of customer feedback – it too couldn’t allow such sales on its platform.It’s enough to keep Ms Zasikowski in part-time work.And while many may be sceptical that her services are doing anything more than parting the gullible from their cash, no one forces those who use her services to seek her out and pay for them.“My job is to respond to that in an empathetic way, but I do try and keep a boundary.“Experience taught me early on that if you don’t have any sense of boundaries, people will latch on to you,” she adds.“It all hinges on the feedback from people that the work was done for and things that were happening in my own life.” Initially, she sold her wares (at that point mostly remote tarot readings, rather than spells) on e Bay, where she sold for six years.

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“Essentially the service is practical in nature,” she explains.

In 2015, it closed off access to “metaphysical services”.

Explaining its decision at the time, Etsy’s then director of communications told reporters that “any service that does not yield a tangible, physical item is not allowed”. “It was a huge chunk of income just gone,” she says. It was all very much out of the blue and everything was gone.” She has managed in the intervening years to build up a successful business on her own site, free from any future risks of removal, but the memories of being moved on twice in three years still rankles.

“The interest just kept gathering speed over the years and I kept branching out into different things, one of which was spell casting,” she says.

Now she’s taken the hobby and made it a profession.“Love is the top choice for most people, then after that the most popular things are to do with improving luck and their financial situation,” explains Ms Zasikowski.

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