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Mason is later captured, after trying to help the Russo's, as well as other wizards.Alex, Mason ,and the other Russo's escape but have a lot of walking to do in order to get home. When the fourth season starts Alex Tells the World, the Russo's have just arrived back at the sub station. Alex thinks exposing wizards will make people want to save them from the government. The whole thing turned out to be a wizard test by Professor Crumbs.

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Soon Alex, seeing how upset her brother Justin was about losing his girlfriend, Juliet to an evil mummy, convinced Mason to go looking for her with his dog-like smelling ability because Alex wanted Justin to be as happy as Mason and her were.

The exposition of wizardry was predicted in the 16th episode of season 2, "Future Harper", where H. Darling stated that people in the future already know about wizards because someone had a big mouth.

It was assumed to be Max but actually turned out to be Justin.

Justin and Alex are tried in Wizard Court for trying to expose wizardry and Mason tries to defend Alex in court but Justin and Alex are still demoted to level 1 wizards.

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In Alex Gives Up, Alex decides to quit the wizard competition to be with Mason.

In Journey to the Center of Mason, Alex's ex-boyfriend Dean wants to get back together.