Sexual dating sims games for phones

26-Apr-2020 20:20

Sadly only 4 Yaoi Game are on the list since there are very few BL Dating Sims Games for android that are in English.

We added Dating Sims Games from other genres that have cute men too, to the list. Yaoi Dating Sims Games Dear My Mononoke Sacrifice Download here:

Note: We have no connections with the companies that made these games and we did not post them for money. id=jp.arismile.a1a180&hl=en Description “This BL(Boy’s Love) game of being a sacrifice in 1900s Japan and falling in love with Mononoke spectors has now been released!

The story is about a boy who was offered as a sacrifice to a spector loses freedom, and struggles to find true love in the chaos.

id=com.koyonplete.rnibara&hl=en Description “Suspense short story: The Cradle of Thorns ~ My Brother Belongs to Me ~ Is it insanity or love!? The sound effect will make you feel as though you’re in the story!!

The artworks drawn by talented illustrators will also bring you an indescribable experience of the story.

It was as though they care nothing about the world except for each other. ” *****Characters***** Joshua Wedgwood The younger brother of the twins who lives inside the rose mansion.

The excellent young doctor originally worked hectically at a university hospital, but is now employed as Moulin Academy high school’s school doctor for many weeks. It starts just after Melos, who was imprisoned by a tyrant and is to be killed, asks a friend to present himself to the tyrant as a substitute so that Melos can appear at his younger sister’s wedding ceremony, telling his friend he would definitely return.Two beautiful brothers live in an abandoned house secretively.It was as though they want to shy away from people’s eyes. These two brothers live in a world isolated from others. Now and forever more— “Let’s stay together forever and ever, okay?Kaoru, the sacrifice boy, overcomes several difficulties and hardships, and then falling into the forbidden love…

Be the sacrifice to Mononoke and find true love and get freedom…! It costs only when you purchase some special scenarios and avatars.” Vampire Darling Download here:“Let me participate in the conference.” Even if he was ignorant of the world, he had a strong passion to make a new world.