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"They did not know how to protect the weakest, exposed them to abuses, and then prevented justice," he wrote on Twitter.

"That's why they all deserve to go." ~ The purpose of this website is to show how and by whom people have been deceived.

Link: The head of the false church is referred to as the Mother of Harlots (Rev. The objective of the Roman Catholic Church - the Mother of Harlots was to gain world-wide dominance through its dogmas. Link: Tens of thousands of churches have closed throughout the world and millions are leaving the church every year.

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Daniel and his associates were taken to Babylon in the third year of Jehoiakim in 605 BC.

Many marijuana promoters in the media and government are only looking at the hypothetical financial benefits from the sale of pot and employ every communication trick imaginable to hide the consequences to the individual in particular, and to society in general, of using marijuana.

Remember the day that the Government spent billions of dollars on a campaign to discourage people from smoking? The Word of God records in Revelation 12:9 that this whole world has been deceived, and the content of our website is to show how and by whom the people have been deceived, and what mankind must do to be reunited with the only true and living God.

From the BBC News – May 18, 2018 All of Chile's 34 Roman Catholic bishops have offered Pope Francis their resignations in the wake of a child sex scandal and cover-up.

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They asked forgiveness from victims and the Church for their "grave errors and omissions".The Pope was widely criticized in January when he defended Bishop Barros during a visit to Chile, saying the allegations against him should be classed as "slander" until proven otherwise. At the end of January, he sent the Vatican's top expert on sexual abuse to Chile to investigate accusations, citing new information. The bishops offered their resignation by letter after three days of crisis talks at the Vatican, during which the Pope handed them a 10-page document accusing Chile's Church hierarchy of negligence in sex abuse cases.