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No specific hormone is needed to develop the female genitalia. So a man becomes a man through two processes: a process that removes the female genitalia, and -- presumably -- also reduces some feminine traits (defeminization), and one process that generates male genitalia and encourages male traits (masculinization).

The hormonal balance produced by the testes or the ovaries is not dichotomous (an on/off variable).

The combination of all the sex limited genes forms the biological basis of the sex identifying aspects of a personality.

I like to picture this as a huge audio mixing table of the kind they use to produce records.

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The TDF has a gene called SRY (Sex Determining Region of the Y-chromosome. If the TDF is not there, the genes that encode the blueprint for the ovaries will turn on instead.

You can say that the female bodyplan is the default.

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Grandma of 1 1/2, seeking good conversation that can lead I am very kind and honest lady. I am ready to have a happy and strong family and I am able to have sincere and deep feelings This is really more of a request than a question.We [are] entering this new era in molecular biology of sex determination where it's a more subtle dosage of genes, some pro-males, some pro-females, some anti-males, some anti-females that all interplay with each other rather than a simple linear pathway of genes going one after the other which makes it very fascinating but very complicated to study." The fetal gonads (testes or ovaries) produce hormones, primarily testosterone in the testes and estrogen in the ovaries.

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