Sex chart sigh up

15-Oct-2019 09:26

Amber's arms with secured to arms rests at her side, straps at her wrists and just above her elbows.

She was secured in a sort of half laying, half seated position with a strap across her forehead keeping her looking straight ahead.

In her mouth was an O-Ring gag, which kept made any sort of understandable speech impossible.

Forced to look forward, in front of her was a mirror where she was able to see the entirety of herself, she noticed that she was completely waxed between her legs.

Veronica was a year ahead of Amber at their college, and was the queen bee until Amber arrived.

From the moment Amber started freshman year she bested Veronica in everything from sports to academics.

It wasn't long after that her eyes got heavy and she fell asleep.She had been assured she would wake up in much nicer settings than this.Amber tried to squirm free, but the straps were strategically placed to ensure she was not able to move even slightly.Before this she kept a neat landing strip, but had never been completely bare like this before.

She was confused and scared and did not know what had happened.

She had heard about this company through word of mouth and figured free room and board for 4 years, with a big check at the end was the best offer she'd seen. Further down the line you begin to run into slavery with a more specific fetish attached to it, some of our girls are physically restrained in unique positions and other may be whipped or flogged regularly.