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With respect to their teeth, we generally see long front teeth (incisors) compared to the rear chewing teeth (premolars and molars), and abnormally sharp points on the chewing teeth.Simply picking up hay or pellets with their lips, or grazing soft green grass, the front teeth are completely bypassed or worn very little.Note the additional options towards the bottom of the page.For information on my Guarantee and Policies please refer to My Guarantee and Policies page..I had all ready learned about looking at the front teeth for length and angle, and I was correcting at least 80% or the horses I looked at.

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Most horses have a better front foot, no matter how small the difference, and believe me I can see 1mm differences in horses’ hooves.

Our horses inside the confines of domestication do not move, graze, or socialize nearly as much as their ancestors.

This is the bottom line for nearly every issue you’d like to look at.

I was working strictly with clients dedicated to caring for their horses as naturally as possible. ” She is the kind of new client that asks these important questions innocently, and after horse number nine that day, I was sure we were going to head in for some dinner and a drink, and I was also eager to please, so I said, “bring me another horse! I would then continue the conversation as we worked around all four feet, trimming and balancing and walking before and after each adjustment.

” I was taking a quick look at these horse’s teeth before trimming their feet, watching them walk and trot and turn and getting their “story”: How they were doing? I was taking an hour and a half per horse by the time their teeth were finished up, and I would always take some notes on their feet and what I did before moving in to their mouths to file those sharp points or balance out areas for better chewing.

Simply stated, these horses were chewing more to the side where their best foot was, and the reasons why would become clearer later. I was so excited I don’t remember even getting paid that day.