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26-Jan-2020 14:19

A perennial problem for labor relations personnel is whether the yearly Christmas turkey given to employees is something that an employer must bargain over before (bah humbug) discontinuing.

See, e.g., Q-1 Motor Express, Inc., 323 NLRB 767, 775 (1997). Continue Reading In another example of the inconsistency of the current state of Board law, a 2-1 majority of the NLRB ruled that an employer not only had a management right but it wasn’t necessary that this right be expressly set forth in the parties’ contract.

It also means the precedent the new General Counsel has highlighted will not be reviewed until a …

Continue Reading December saw a flurry of decisions (discussed here, here, here and here) by the NLRB as it briefly held a full complement.

Continue Reading When an employer and a union sit down to bargain they often agree to ground rules for how negotiations are to be conducted.

A common ground rule, for example, is for the parties to agree to address “non-economic” items before addressing economic proposals.

Given the limited set of circumstances one doesn’t see a whole lot of these cases. Continue Reading Posted in Collective Bargaining, Due Process, Duty to furnish information, Duty to provide information, General Counsel, Investigations, NLRA, NLRB, Section 8(a)(1), Section 8(a)(5), Uncategorized, Unfair Labor Practices, Witness statements During the last several years, the NLRB has overturned a great deal of existing precedent.

Among other changes, the Board has required bargaining over discipline in newly organized units, found graduate students to be employees entitled to organize, and found that two employers may have to bargain together. Continue Reading Posted in Bargaining units, Collective Bargaining, General Counsel, Healthcare Employers, NLRA, NLRB, Protected activity, Section 7, Section 8(a)(1), Section 8(a)(5), Uncategorized, Unfair Labor Practices The NLRB recently issued a rare decision completely dismissing all allegations against an employer; rarer still because it was unanimous. 79 (May 15, 2017) the NLRB was confronted with a situation where an employee-union adherent engaged in behavior ultimately found to be inappropriate and unprotected. Continue Reading What would the holiday season be without a Christmas gift case?

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Continue Reading Posted in Arbitration, Collective Bargaining, Duty to furnish information, Duty to provide information, Facebook, General Counsel, NLRA, NLRB, Pre-arbitration Discovery, Protected activity, Section 7, Section 8(a)(1), Section 8(a)(5), Uncategorized Last week the NLRB issued several significant decisions.

Sometimes, however, the parties agree that management can make changes to certain terms and conditions of …