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14-Dec-2020 19:31

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He met his Peruvian wife, Karen, via Facebook a few months after he arrived, when he was living in a cheap hostel in Lima.

His future wife was working as a consultant for an art gallery, he asked her some questions about an exhibition via Facebook messages, and they ended up meeting for dinner.

So perhaps it's not so much the country but the people?

Or at least the women.” Greg added: “I could make a joke about the long cold winter nights, high rates of depression and incessant coffee drinking driving people into one another's arms...

Some relocate for a job, some to seek sunshine or adventure - and others are led by their hearts.

According to a new survey of 14,400 expats in 195 countries conducted by Inter Nations, one in ten expats moved to be with their partner or for other reasons related to love.

As for expat in Australia Jill Levison - she moved to be with an Aussie boyfriend but ended up with 27 other men making marriage proposals. Email us on Weekly [email protected] or tell us on Twitter @Telegraph Expat.They came into my room with machine guns trying to see if any were hiding under my bed.