Rochester ny online dating

24-Sep-2019 15:13

Online dating helps you quickly and simply find your dream partner.This is probably the most intimidating building in all of Rochester.I crossed Elmwood Avenue and, under the cover of darkness, approached the monolithic and imposing structure. It was now am and I was inside a building I had only seen in dreams. It was just me and this spectacular structure, alone at last.

It was when I entered one on the 14th East floor that I felt something.

With that seemingly figured out, I just had to get in without being seen.

I parked in a neighborhood across the street to keep my car off the property. I timed my entry and slithered in through the broken glass and plywood. From there, looking back up at the building, it felt like I was going straight into the belly of the beast. 17 floors of unknown medical and surgical science loomed above me in the hazy pre-dawn mist.

One Roc Subway reader (who wishes to remain anonymous) found a way into the secured building.

He submitted several photos, along with this written account of his expedition.

Be sure to watch the related video at the end of this post to learn more about the Terrence Building…