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So he, Mitch, Alex, April, Cody, and Jessie go on a trip to Australia where Jake is ... Bonann While Mitch, Alex, Cody, and April prepare for their race against the Australian lifeguards, Jake must choose between staying in Australia with Terry or returning home without him. See full summary » Director: Georg Fenady A frantic weekend begins for Alex when she begins tracking down the builder of several elaborate sand castles that appear every day at the beach, while she gets stuck entertaining her ... and Newman co-operate with the Coast Guard in rescuing as many people as possible from the waters of the plane crash and fending off shark attacks as well. When the publisher's oversexed wife is found murdered, Rita immediately ...See full summary » Director: Parker Stevenson Mitch finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he becomes reacquainted with Tanner, the abused nine-year-old boy, whom he snatches away from his abusive father, Blake, and lets the ... See full summary » Director: Carl Weathers When one of the troubled young men on the basketball team Chris coaches is found murdered, Chris and Rita begin an investigation that ultimately reveals that the victim was involved with ... Chris Lorenzo and Rita Lee Lance, the hubba-hubba Palm Springs homicide cops played by Rob Estes and Mitzi Kapture, were written out of the show over the course of December (both wanted to move on to other jobs). debuted in ’91 as part of CBS’ late-night ”Crimetime After Primetime” slate of adventure shows, as well as on the USA Network.

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