Rebecca dating danny

20-Jun-2020 02:39

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Danny realizes he needs to stop the chanting and gets Tucker to sing on stage.

His horrible singing causes the hypnotized crowd to wake up and stop cheering for Ember.

She also has somewhat of a childish personality (whilst frequently shouting 1970's phrases such as "dipstick").

However, she doesn't seem to be easily offended as she usually ignores Danny when he drives insults towards her.

According to one of the creators for the show, before she died, Ember was an unpopular high school-aged girl who had large dreams of becoming a rock star. She waited all night for him to show up, saying, "He's just running late." When morning came and he still didn't show up, Ember gave up on waiting and went home.

She was so exhausted that she fell asleep and didn't wake up when her house mysteriously caught on fire.

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In "Girls' Night Out," Ember teams up with Kitty and Spectra in a joint attempt to eliminate all men.Starting in Amity Park, she takes control of the minds of every teenager in town, except for Danny, who was protected by his ghost powers, and Sam, who was wearing the Fenton Phones at the time.