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With all Plaintiffs except ARCAM out of the picture, and only ARCAM's equal protection and substantive due process claims remaining, we turned to Calderón's claim of qualified immunity. Condon, 372 F.3d 39, 44 (1st Cir.2004), we conclusively found that ARCAM “failed adequately to plead a violation of its constitutional rights,” directed the District Court to grant Calderón's motion for dismissal of all claims against her, and remanded for further consistent proceedings. On remand, the District Court quite predictably ordered the parties to show cause why the remaining claims should not be dismissed based on the holding of Pagán.

We therefore dismissed the claims of all other Plaintiffs. Applying the usual qualified immunity rubric, see, e.g., Limone v.In the name of our people, I thank him for his magnificent performance, and I also thank him for his generosity and open-handedness," Calderon added."My stay in the government was for a limited time.