Qualities good dating relationship dating and business not all that different

03-Jan-2020 15:43

Patience goes hand in hand with my idea of commitment. I am someone who needs time and a chance to slowly grow on you.I'm not someone a guy meets for the first time and says, “I'm going to marry her.” It's just not who I am and it's not how guys see me.certain things you should look for in a potential suitor which suggest you may have found a keeper.

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Whether it's a weekend getaway to a secluded campsite or a weeklong European backpacking trip, I want someone who can travel with me and wants to see the world with me by their side.

The beginning of every relationship is really just a trial period when you think about it.

You're testing out the waters and really seeing if the things you want are compatible with the things they want.

Trust is a no-brainer in any relationship, so this really shouldn't be anything too out of the ordinary to ask for.

I want to be able to trust my significant other not only to be faithful, but also to make good decisions on his own – to be his own person without having to worry about how those decisions may affect me and our relationship.I need to know that my significant other is going to be patient with me in all aspects of our relationship, especially the parts that are a struggle for me to deal with because of my depression and anxiety. And, to be honest, when I find the perfect, right guy, he's going to bring all of these to the relationship, and it's not going to be too much work or effort.

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