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There isn't enough room here for me to tell you how happy I am with Precision. The door hadn't been maintained in some time and several things need to be replaced - springs, rollers, motor, etc.

Not only that they didn't bog us down with a steep price. Especially impressed with Chris, the technician, who went over the options and was careful that I understood.

History also suggests that they need to be able to take a punch.

Meanwhile, the reality of ships that are expected to remain in service for over 30 years gives rise to a need for electronic longevity.

The design will use the firm’s COMBATSS-21 combat system as the fighting electronic heart of the ship, has shock-hardened the engine systems, and uses a combination of a steel hull and aluminum superstructure.

USS Freedom has faced persistent reports of weight and stability issues, however, which required additional bolt-on buoyancy fittings at its stern.

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In contrast to the traditional approach, which is to cram a wide-ranging set of bolted-in compromise equipment into fixed installations, “flex ships” can radically changes the ships’ capabilities, by swapping in a full breadth of equipment focused on a particular need.The 2nd benefit is cost-related, since upgrades require far less work and cost to install when mission technologies evolve. The ability to do low-cost, spiral upgrades encourages frequent “refreshes” that remain within the existing state of the art, rather than periodic upgrade programs that must stretch what’s possible, in order to handle expected developments over the next 25 years.Team Lockheed Martin’s LCS-1 Freedom Class offers a proven high-speed semi-planing monohull, based on Fincantieri designs that have set trans-Atlantic speed records.Valued at .7 million, the contract modification was announced by the Pentagon last Wednesday, March 15, and tasks Northrop with providing engineering, technical and sustainment services for the Navy’s littoral combat ship mission modules—which are designed for naval operations against asymmetric threats and anti-access obstacles in littorals near the coastline.

Work will take place Bethpage, New York, San Diego, California, and several other US locations with contract completion scheduled for March 2019.Ultimately, the US Navy is trying to replace 56 vessels: 30 FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry Class frigates, 14 MCM Avenger Class mine countermeasures vessels, and 12 MHC-51 Osprey Class coastal mine hunters.

Some are completely innocent and others have a negative reason.… continue reading »

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