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17-Aug-2020 12:30

When you add your domain to Office 365, typically your domain's MX record is updated (by you or Office 365) to point to Office 365, and ALL email sent to that domain will start coming to Office 365.Make sure you've created mailboxes in Office 365 for everyone who has email on your domain BEFORE you change the MX record.They have wireless clients unplugging from Ethernet and dashing to conference rooms, then closing their laptop and heading home. And there are addresses from their home network as well. They may have an address from the coffee shop’s subnet as well. All validly registered, but only one address really works.The client starts a VPN session and continues working… Lets count: The Ethernet connection from the office has one. The worker calls the helpdesk to get assistance with some application on the machine.Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000(More info? )I have implemented W2K DNS services and imported a forward lookup zone andnow need to implement the reverse lookup zones.Because I am migrating fromone domain name to another, I don't want to import the reverse lookup zonebut want to create it new.

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The DNS system is nitpicky to work with, and the DNS setup for your domain affects important business activities, like email!If the resources are to be transferred to another organization, please refer to the APNIC transfer page for more information on how records can be updated.If you need to update records not managed under an APNIC account, it is most likely that these are historical resources.Then, their spouse needs to use the computer, so the VPN connection gets dropped. The Wireless connection may have several, depending on how many subnets the worker crossed going to that conference room, and the VPN may have several of them. The help desk tries to connect, but finds that they are hitting someone else’s machine.

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Time to call IT to get things cleaned up so the worker can do their job.

We enabled scavenging on one server, then turned that server’s scavenger off for the first step in the process.