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22-Nov-2019 05:24

Number one factor u can imagine what you want and its safe.

And as someone who works for one, the job can be fun and the money is decent. And if your working for a company you half to remember you half to give the customer what they want if its a pay sight, and its not always pleasant .

As some of those perverts with the really out there request may call in and enjoy and get themselves where they want to be via conversation and when they feel complete it keeps them from going out on the street and doing it for real.

( And no I am not at all saying some of the thoughts or fantasy is right or correct by any means at all) And I am not trying to sell it to all to like it.

I assume that if he's that open about it with a stranger, he'll see prison eventually.

Hello my name is adam I am 38 I live in long beach and I am looking for some one that wants to meet up right now and have a fling with a stranger I lov e to d It all you can call me any time day or night my number is 5Phone sex lines was the first time I could talk with a male who was into the same stuff as I was and it nice to know that some of the things I used to do while young like stroking my cock while in front of a mirror was not uncommon, as for pedophile so called behavior, it all depends on what country, besides I was a willing participant and actually sought them out not them seeking to find me212-949-8844. I would love to hear any stories from other guys who've actually tried it.

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And as one post said if you have an imagination and are comfortable enuff with yourself, they can be a fun and great way to release.A surprising number of black guys respond to my outgoing message. We gays always beat ourself up and call ourselves pedophiles for glancing at a 17yo boy sideways. The main thing that freaks me out are the self-proclaimed numbers of pedos, meth freaks and barebackers.

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