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Peterson’s answer looks to religion, in particular Christianity, as shown in these quotes: “Even older and deeper than ethics, however, is religion.Religion concerns itself not with (mere) right and wrong but with good and evil themselves—with the archetypes of right and wrong.More threateningly for Peterson, the Ontario Human Rights Commission does say that refusing to refer to a trans person by a personal pronoun that matches their gender identity will likely be discrimination when it takes place in employment, housing and services like education.

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…The Bible has been thrown up, out of the deep, by the collective human imagination, which is itself a product of unimaginable forces operating over unfathomable spans of time.Peterson seems to assume that the only alternatives to religious morality are totalitarian atrocities or despondent nihilism.But secular ethics has flourished since the eighteenth century, with competing approaches such as David Hume’s appreciation of sympathy, Immanuel Kant’s emphasis on rights and duties, and Jeremy Bentham’s recommendation to promote the greatest good for the greatest number of people.You do not have the freedom to infringe someone else’s human rights by harassing, threatening, or discriminating against them.

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Bill C-16 acknowledges that gender identity is as wrong a basis for hateful treatment as race, religion, and sexual preference. Early views took human rights to be God-given, but the American and French revolutions tied them to human nature.

The deeper issue here is the general question of limitations on free speech.

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