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08-Oct-2020 12:42

When I first read Chalie Weis’ comments on an alleged extramarital relationship between Pete Carroll and a grad student, I thought it was a hoax. Not too many NFL GMs and head coaches will be so quick to hire an offensive coordinator who might some day throw one of his peers under the bus.Whatever aspersions Weis’ offhanded comments may have on Pete Carroll’s character, they have certainly cast doubt on his own.I feel if I offended Pete, I will run Pete down and apologize ...In no way do I have any idea what’s going on in anyone’s life other than the fact that rumors on the Internet can affect coaches' lives in a very, very negative fashion.”Weis also mentioned that he had left a phone message for Carroll.

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"He apologized profusely for being represented wrongly.I'm not commenting anymore."Whether by design or not, Weis has made himself a prominent part of the rumor mill which he supposedly despises.Now every available reporter at will be trying to track down leads to a supposed mystery grad student.Early this morning Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times reported Pete Carroll’s response to the Weis’ comment: "It’s untrue, it’s irresponsible, and it’s incredible he’d be talking about me like that."Incredible and incredulous, I thought. Since then, Weis has told the Times that his comments were part of a “totally subjective” conversation with several reporters in an aside to the formal interview.

Weis contends that he was explaining how Internet rumors can adversely affect the personal lives of coaches and their families.Charlie Weis can be fired by Notre Dame, but it is not quiet down.

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