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13-Jan-2020 06:33

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Once you cut a slit in the curtain, attach a cord to the back of the curtain.This way your partner slips a dollar through the slit, prompting you to raise the curtain and put on a sexy performance for them.So, create an MP3 list of sensual songs that will help get both of you in a sexual mood.Sexy dance moves that fit the beat of the music are the perfect way to set the mood for your at-home peep show.If distance separates you and your lover, putting on a peep show for them is still possible.As long as both of you are armed with a computer, webcam and Skype account a peepshow is in the cards any night when you are feeling particularly frisky.When it comes to planning a homemade peepshow, your only limit is your imagination.

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This makes for a much better ending than any peepshow you’re likely to experience at a sex shop.