Osunlade the dating

11-Sep-2020 04:33

On the flip Osunlade demonstrates the breadth of his talents with a piano centric nu soul dedication to techno pioneers Underground Resistance (possibly).

Played by: Pete Dafeet, Ti To (Troubled Kids Records), STEREO 12“, Thatmanmonkz (Shadeleaf Music), Kisk, Tooli (Local Talk / OMENA), Brothers' Vibe, Marcel Vogel, Juno Recommends Deep House, Nomumbah, Detroit Swindle, DJ Monchan, Tim Toh Review: Osunlade brings his varied vibes to this new Yoruba release. This song has a highly metropolitan sound, modern in conception, and soothing for the mind.

Recorded live over a 12 day period, this is a stunningly beautiful soundscape, taking house tempos and lushly orchestrating them with strings and divine horn solos to produce a masterpiece.

Excellent diverse stuff for beat heads of all styles.

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Themes of love relations, the heart, acceptance, vulnerability and change are explored by Osunlade across the eight tracks here and with the exception of two explicitly electronic productions, Peacock is the producer in classic soul and funk mode.Played by: Gerd, Hi RO, Alexis Le-Tan, Felix Dickinson, DAVIS [BR], Ka§par, Andy Ash, Alex Attias, ZNTN, Cut & Shut Disco, Dan hill (above board / sweatshop), Ronnie Turner(Blunted funk project), Patriarca, Dirty Channels, Ezio Spoldi, DJ VIVONA, Mehdi, Discomendments, DA SUNLOUNGE, Humberto Matias, Andrew Allsgood (Free Association), Solid State - All Out War Radio, PRECIOUS K, Juno Recommends Minimal/Tech House, Lwazi Koom, I Love Disco!, Amplified Orchestra, Nicola conte, James what, Marcello Giordani, Christopher Tubbs, Brioski, AYBEE, Chromatic Filters, ROTARYDISCO76, Magnier (House of Disco), Rhythm Odyssey (aka Chicken Lips), Paulo olarte, Freddy The Groove aka F★T★G, The Main Stem Review: Art Department and Crosstown Rebels seem to have taken the house world by storm in the last two years.Being the talented chap he is, Osunlade also oversees the majority of instrumentation and vocals but you can't complain when the results are this good.

A deeply personal album and a richly rewarding listen.

The smooth percussion here infuses itself softly with its modern synth textures and provides the perfect backing to Osunlade's Prince-inspired vocals.