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15-May-2020 22:27

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Starting June 1, most state buildings in Bavaria will be required to hang a crucifix in their foyers.Reactions have been heated, even among the people in Germany's most Catholic region. Turkish-EU relations remain fraught, but Turkey's foreign minister says they need each other.The hole was glaring though, since stigma about finding love online is a thing of the past and according to Zuckerberg, there are 200 million single Facebook users.He also gave assurances that the app was designed "with privacy and safety in mind from the beginning." But that will be little comfort after the recent revelation that the personal data from 87 million users was harvested by a private firm.Mark Zuckerberg's revelation on Tuesday that Facebook would soon start testing a new app-only dating service was a major blow to dating site competitors and a surprise to users. In a nod to the less-is-more school, the app will simply be called "Dating." It will be integrated into the Facebook app, but at the same time remain separate.A new, distinct profile will be necessary and — importantly — the two profiles will supposedly not interact and no one will be able to see the "other" dating profile of friends or family.Besides being a known brand with a huge networking effect, Dating is priced just right.

pointed out that Tinder shows the mutual friends of potential matches and that until recently Bumble didn't even accept users without a Facebook account.More recently other dating sites have also been in the spotlight.In March, Craigslist completely closed down its personals section because of new US sex trafficking legislation.And only a month ago it came to light that gay dating app Grindr had shared the HIV status of users with third parties.

But Facebook has the most convincing answer to this and more.Taking back the wheel Competitors may soon find that it is hard to compete with free — regardless of quality.

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