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I watch your eyes, enjoying this facefuck, and wondering what you will do to me next ... You say you've never done this before, but I almost don't believe you. The feel of your mouth, warm and wet, working my shaft as I push myself into you, has me close to the edge of orgasm. I stop bucking my hips, but it takes a good deal of force for me to pull your head off my dick. Tears start to well up in your eyes, and one begins to slide down your cheek.*** I know I probably should have gone a bit easier on you, but I thought you needed a reminder about who is in charge here. You're as good a cocksucker as I've ever had the pleasure of blowing me. The amount of effort is just one more clue that your fight is just for show. A kinky little cunt who needs a real man to give you what your horny body aches for and I'm going to give it to so good..I'm good and ready to. With you pinned against the wall I then press my half naked body up against yours.


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Lolli Behold the cuteness of this all american show featuring my girlfriend who did not know that uploading a homemade video on the web is a good thing because she became very famous very quickly.

I take you by your hair and pull you in close, face to face. Your tongue flicks out and licks the pre-cum that's beginning to form at my tip. I grab two fistfuls of your hair and thrust my hips forward...

There’s nothing worse than a webcam that buffers during a private, intimate moment.… continue reading »

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I still miss Pacthesis :"( Glad she at least released Star Days which took years iirc between its announcement and actual releasei'm with you on that, part of me longs for more Pacthesis content, just for old times's sake.… continue reading »

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It's going on a stand made from an old truck wheel and a 4" square steel tube, and it will be a general purpose unit. For a few months there a couple years ago, I could have gotten about one big old vise a week free. GWE When I was a kid in western NY state the family that owned Reed owned some property next door to us- not sure if the same family still owns the company or not. I have since made a pin for it to hold in straight position.… continue reading »

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— Cavs 2018 NBA Champs (@216Champ2) April 30, 2018 Issa Rae said educated black women should date Asian and black twitter is divided. … continue reading »

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Good day fine sir, I am currently serving as a member of the air force. Feel free to send any questions my way, I will do my best to answer them without bias. :)Expect a whole lot of hurry up and a clean people you dislike the most on your platoon will end up saving your ass at some point so dont burn too many for a run.shave your head at first just for the to remember the rank structure before you go dont remember, adress people as staff, never for a run when your done reading care of your your mom to teach you how to iron. oh yeah and the only way to get boot polish out of your clothes is with a pair of somebody to show you how to make a bed properly if you for a run.carry nail clippers in your pocket to cut loose threads miss any spots when you your beret in hot water for an hour when you get it and wear it until it dries, then shower with it on for the next week. My ex is currently an instructor in St Jean so I can tell you a little bit of what to expect and how to prepare yourself.… continue reading »

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