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Lucky for me my wife is a whore,' he thought while laughing to himself again.'Lucky for me that Ashley loves sucking cock as much as she loves fucking cock.To be honest, even though she's beautiful and sexy, with money more important to some men than sex, he'd be surprised if all nine men agreed to have sex with his wife in exchange for forgiving their debts. Most men would never agree for anyone to have sex with their wives, but he wasn't like most men.Yet, unless a man was homosexual or not right in the head, who wouldn't want to have sex with his wife? Chapter 07: Treading uncharted ground, he was about to do something that was as illegal as it was immoral. Continued from chapter 06: He replayed it all through his mind over and again. * Now that Michael kept his end of the bargain, it was Ashley's turn to keep her end of the bargain.The family that has consensual, incestuous, and inappropriate sex stays together,' he thought while laughing to himself again.

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Michael was sexually using his new bride by abusing her wifely duties and her good nature in forcing her to satisfy their wedding debts with sex. No husband has the right to use his wife as a cum slut for the sexual pleasure of other men for money.

Yet, with sex no big deal to them in the way that it was a big deal to others, they'd never believe that he was in the swinging lifestyle with Ashley for two years before they were married either.

The Lady Chablis, the unabashed Savannah, Georgia, transgender queen who became a gay icon after finding fame in the 1990s through the "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" book and movie, died September 8. Fred Hellerman, a singer and composer who was the last surviving member of the iconic and influential folk music quartet the Weavers, died September 1 at the age of 89.… continue reading »

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As you will learn in this article, you need just a bit of extra work for this to happen, but fortunately, WPF makes this pretty easy.… continue reading »

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It makes sense; women want to be appreciated, and men want to show off their prize.… continue reading »

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