Microsoft update not updating

17-Feb-2020 19:24

Toshiba Satellite S875D AMD A10-4600M APU w/ Radeon HD Graphics - 2.30 GHz Ram 6 GB OS - Windows 7 home premium SP1 64 bit (6.1, build 7601) I'm having problems with windows update.

Since about the end of January windows update is only listing the following updates: Security...

Ensure you have the most recent update client - download and install it manually 5. Ensure the windows update service, Bits service and the Cryptographic service to automatic and started. However, I have do a question regarding your instructions. When I dive into the bottom ones, it seems like the earliest the files inside them date back to is April 2016. So if I wanted to start this whole thing over again from scratch, I'm assuming that I should do something akin to (again): 1.

I'm sorry UI guys at MS, but simply having a progress bar mindlessly humming away is not a UI "heartbeat, nor is it a progress bar." (Sorry for the shouting). All I have for the entire update history in the machine is now this. Especially since after I "half-assed removed" WSE, the WSUS Offline Updater failed and complained about WSE not being installed correctly. I'm not likely using the offline updater again anyway.

Whether or not that update service actually checks anything, or checks and downloads, etc., are covered by other settings.

In my case, I have the update service set to not install anything, not even check, but start automatically when windows starts (with no delay). So it's definitely seeming that this particular problem is now in the "leave well enough alone" category.

microsoft update not updating-14

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"Windows 7" and related materials are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.Common table expressions can also be used with the SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, and CREATE VIEW statements.For more information, see WITH common_table_expression (Transact-SQL). For information about table hints, see Table Hints (Transact-SQL). After an enormous battle with the Joseph Mengele designed Win7 update-forever death spiral of boredom, I too followed your instructions and I am FINALLY able to get updates again. And by the way, it's reprehensible that MS doesn't supply a "show details/log" button on this so we can see precisely what it's doing. In the process of mucking with this for days, (by following instructions) the following has been renamed so that they would be generated from scratch: And I think I borked something in the process.

some people on here have reported that the process took several hours. I had to let it cycle through it's stupidness overnight.

Specifies the temporary named result set or view, also known as common table expression (CTE), defined within the scope of the UPDATE statement.

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