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06-Mar-2020 20:49

Many hundreds of LEED projects have been registered in Montgomery County, putting the county near the very top of the list for green construction in the U. by county and within the County, Bethesda and Rockville top of the list for municipalities of less than 100,000 people across the country. Montgomery County is not only the most populous county in Maryland, it is one of the most environmentally progressive jurisdictions in the nation.

It has also been ranked by Forbes as the 10th richest in the United States and accordingly first construction costs do not have major economic implications.

And there are no completed 189.1 buildings, anywhere.

Some are suggesting with this use of the Ig CC Montgomery County is on the bubble.

It is suggested that Code officials have not been bold enough with the proposed amendments.

As progressive as this bill is, Montgomery County is one of a very limited number of jurisdictions mandating new construction and renovation of both private and public buildings must be green.

Today local law requires any newly constructed building or extensively modified (non-residential) building or multi-family residential or mixed use building that is taller than 4 stories that has or will have at least 10,000 square feet “must achieve a Certified level in the appropriate LEED rating system.” The County also offers a real property tax credit in varying amount (10-75%) and term (3-5 years) based on the type project and the rating it achieves above the minimum Certified level.

The City of Gaithersburg, within Montgomery County, has adopted amendments to their building code that requires increased energy and water efficiency requirements that drive building to LEED Gold and better.

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It is also suggested that requiring diversion of 50% of demolition debris and diversion of 75% on construction debris is below what the market does today.It is significant that effective July 1, 2015 all building in Montgomery County must comply with the International Energy Conservation Code 2015, with its energy consumption reduction requirements and many of those now existing requirements ameliorate the impacts of the proposed (3 year out of date) Ig CC 2012.After more than a year of seeking public comment, including studying the costs of implementation of this new code, County staff is proposing a modest number of amendments to the form Ig CC.Note, that Montgomery County is not adopting the 2015 International Green Construction Code.

While the Ig CC 2015 was approved last year, that current code is not approved for use by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development which requires each jurisdiction in Maryland use the same edition of the same building codes.

The City of Rockville, within Montgomery County, adopted mandatory use of the Ig CC effective July 1, 2015.