Jim lange and the dating game game show stage

22-Jan-2020 08:45

But Clark didn't go to Washington for more than a year. Unable to use the shows with the blue talk, Barris hired an actor to come to the set and play an FBI agent.

In the meantime he gave Barris a desk and chair and made him feel welcome. The actor warned the contestants that it's a federal offense to curse or even hint at anything lewd on the air.

Some of the stories in the first book are repeated in the second, but with differing details.

He once wrote a lovely essay for Sports Illustrated in which he described promising to marry his future wife if Jim Plunkett of the Oakland Raiders completed a touchdown pass in the football game they were listening to on the radio in Los Angeles.

In "The Game Show King," the promise comes in a New York hospital as his would-be bride lies in agony with peritonitis.

Though most sources cite his birth date as June 3, 1929, he wrote about his 50th birthday occurring in 1980 in "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind," and once wrote another Sports Illustrated piece in which he recalled being an 18-year-old vendor in Shibe Park in 1950.

Barris would claim in "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" that these trips abroad served as cover for him on his CIA assignments.

He had a stake in publishing companies, record labels and even pressing plants whose records he promoted heavily on "American Bandstand." ABC forced him to divest himself of his music business interests and, Barris says, assigned Barris as his watchdog for a few weeks until he could go to Washington and testify before a House subcommittee.