Is josh ramsay still dating amanda

21-Oct-2019 04:21

benefiting She Lift and Globe-athon at Sycamore Tavern on Monday night, where she opened up about the couple’s recent breakup.“I actually haven’t talked about it yet, because it’s been a little hard,” Stanton confessed.“I haven’t really, you know, thought about what to say, but yeah, we did break up.Once I actually felt creative energy again, then it was almost like a high.”We caught up with Ramsay and bassist Mike Ayley in Toronto recently to talk Astoria, described as a concept album about “that emotional journey that Josh went through,” writers block, and touring.

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(He was watching Super 8 on the tour bus when he got the initial inspiration).“It was very difficult but you know it was also very invigorating.Josh: I kind of had like a nervous breakdown for a while, and it was just six months of feeling awful, and then I was sitting in the hospital, feeling really dark, I was just kind of there solo, and I kind of had this moment of clarity where I was like, ‘I can’t make my mom better, there’s nothing I can do about that, I had to sort of accept that. And then I came out of the hospital and went straight to the studio. Mike: You sort of have to let a person in general, whatever their life is, go through the process themselves. in November, with a couple of Quebec dates at the end, but what can the rest of Canada expect in the way of an arena tour and production (believed to be next spring)?