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According to regional Kurdish rebel commanders, Iraqi aircraft, coordinated by helicopters, conducted up to 14 bombings in sorties of seven to eight planes each.Eyewitnesses told of clouds of white, black and then yellow smoke billowing upward and rising as a column about 150 feet (50 m) in the air. As the clock approached in the morning, I felt a strange sensation; my heart convulsed as if it were telling me that we were on the verge of a major calamity.Iranian Islamic Militia (Pasdaran) killing Kurds without trial, August 1979.This picture was taken by a Persian journalist, Jihangir Razmi.Iranian photographer Jahangir Razmi, took 70 pictures of this execution in Kurdistan on Aug. A photograph capturing this event was published and eventually won a Pulitzer Prize, but the photographer's identity was kept secret to protect him.An account Saturday in The Wall Street Journal reveals the photographer's name -- Jahangir Razmi -- and story.

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Their executions at a municipal airport in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan, followed a brief trial during which no evidence was presented. It was, however, awarded to an unnamed photographer - the only anonymous recipient in the 90-year history of the award. Razmi preserved 27 of the photos on a contact sheet and stowed it away in his home.At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, as the intensity of the bombing wound down, I carefully sneaked out of the basement to the kitchen and carried food to my family.

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