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15-Jun-2020 10:36

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I get into the office, the nurse checks me in and gets me in a gown, and tells me the doc will be in shortly.

Turns out my doctor had a medical student with him that day, and it was none other than that med student!

For me good pictures were the difference between no matches and over 50 (also using the "like everyone" strategy).

I got my best results with like 4 decent pictures and no bio (turns out a shitty attempt at a "creative" bio actually decreases your likes, for me at least).

The conversation in my head went something like this:"You're in medicine. He then tried small talking with me, but at that point I'd been stressed out for about 20 minutes and just couldn't do it.

You see naked people all day, and it means nothing. I think he chickened out and didn't tell the doc the real reason he didn't do the exam because they didn't do the exam at all and just sent me to get an ultrasound another day. The only think that makes me buy that he didn't recognize me was he mentioned me not wearing scrubs. I used tinder for a couple of months and got no matches.

Seriously though, give yourself some time to heal and grieve before you throw yourself into the dating.Important info: I'm a nurse at a very large medical center.

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