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It has most of the characteristics of the first SX-28 receivers, e.g., the front panel is painted blue-gray, no upper-center panel screws flanking the main dial bezel are used, it has the early style ANL circuit.

By the time this receiver was built though, Hallicrafters had already changed the first RF amp tube from a 6SK7 to a 6AB7.

The SX-28 remains one of the most popular of the "pre-war masterpieces." H. 2011 Hallicrafters announced the SX-28 "Super Skyrider" in July of 1940.

The receiver's ultimate design was the result of the analysis of more than 600 requested reports, including input from government engineers.

I totally rebuilt this SX-28 and the performance is incredible.

It is an excellent example of the very early SX-28 production.

Twelve Hallicrafters' engineers were assigned the project of creating a receiver that not only satisfied government and commercial users but also gave the hams a receiver that performed better than any previous Hallicrafters.

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Provide your API key as the basic auth username value. If you need to authenticate via bearer auth (e.g., for a cross-origin request), use flag to pass basic auth credentials.

~ Dating your SX-28 by Serial Number ~ Estimated Production Figures ~ Serial Number Log ~ Engineering & Production Changes ~ ~ Restoration Methods & Suggestions ~ ~ Performance Expectations ~ Competition Comparisons ~The SX-28 is one of those receivers that just about every ham has a passionate opinion about.

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