Ica stones carbon dating

18-Oct-2020 06:04

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Acambaro is in the state of Guanajuato, 175 miles northwest of Mexico City.The strange archaeological site there yielded over 33,500 objects of ceramic, stoneincluding jade, and knives of obsidian (sharper than steel and still used today in heart surgery).Childress further mentions that radio-carbon dating in the laboratories of the University of Pennsylvania and additional tests using thermoluminescence indicated the objects were made 6500 years ago.In Atlantis Rising, David Lewis has explained the implications for modern science.

He has journeyed to Acambaro to view and photograph some of the artifacts, and he agrees with Lewis that this spells doom for evolution. Don was gracious enough to provide me with copies of some of his photos, which we reproduce here. Even better if the fossil showed a dinosaur eating a human. If you could find a human fossil in the same stone with a dinosaur fossil you would have some nice ammunition to shoot down evolution.Whether Julsrud was hoaxed is something Patton intends to pursue, although he thinks not.

He says he plans to excavate under the kitchen floor of the former Julsrud home in Acambaro.

Russell, and others in the investigation, charges that the Smithsonian Institution and other archaeological authorities conducted a campaign of disinformation against the discoveries.